Statler, CompuQuilter, IntelliQuilter and PC Quilter each have their own section. HandiQuilter & ShirleyStitcher II use Statler patterns.

The patterns in the E2E sections are based on a 12 inch repeat. They are fully adjustable.

When you are looking in the 'Flowers, Leaves & Trees', 'Juvenile', 'Animals', 'Holidays', 'Themes', 'Interesting Shapes' or 'New Patterns' the patterns are in Statler format. If you wish to order CompuQuilter, IntelliQuilter or PC Quilter patterns, be sure to go to those sections to place your order.

When placing an order, please be sure to click on the "Download" under each pattern's name on the right hand side of the confirmation page of the order. International customers using anything other than PayPal may not be able to download immediately. I will email your patterns as quickly as possible. If you do not download your patterns during checkout, please email me and I will email them to you.

I have added a new section in each format called "Mini Patterns". These patterns are designed in a 6 inch repeat and work well for small throat machines. They will also work well for smaller quilts and as borders.

I am no longer offering paper pantos.

And remember to check back often, new patterns sprout frequently!

All patterns are COPYRIGHT protected.